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Greetings to Hebei Tianyu Guangbo Module Housing Co., Ltd., a prominent manufacturer that specializes in Container Houses. We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge, top-notch modular housing solutions that meet a wide range of needs and specifications. Through our extensive expertise and dedication to superior quality, we have positioned ourselves as a reliable ally for clients across the globe.

Advantages of Our Products

Simple Installation and Mobility: Our container homes are designed for ease, with a modular construction that allows for easy assembly and disassembly. Transporting our units is straightforward, ensuring swift relocation and setup.
Quality Assurance: Our container houses are constructed using high-quality materials that meet global standards, ensuring strength and durability.
Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive prices while maintaining quality. By optimizing our manufacturing and operational processes, we can offer cost-effective container house solutions that fit your budget.
Diverse Product Range: Whether you need a granny flat, portable container home, or expandable container house, we have a solution for you.
Enhanced Features: Our container houses come with unique benefits that distinguish them from standard products in the market. Enjoy a spacious and comfortable living environment with an internal ceiling height of 2.4m. Our units are waterproofed at the top and bottom for optimal protection against the elements. Additionally, our large window size, measuring up to 1.10x1.125 meters, allows ample natural light to brighten the interior.


Company Advantages

Comprehensive Research and Development System: Tianyu Guangbo has a thorough research and development system focused on advancing modular housing technology.
Technical Proficiency: With a team of skilled engineers and technicians, we utilize our expertise to create innovative and practical housing solutions from design to production.
Manufacturing Excellence: Our company operates a well-established manufacturing system that follows strict quality control measures. We use advanced production equipment and techniques to ensure consistent and reliable product manufacturing.
Customization Options: We provide customization options to tailor our container houses to your specific needs, accommodating various design preferences, dimensions, and additional features.
Global Presence: Our products are exported to countries and regions worldwide, and we have successfully established partnerships in New Zealand, Australia, and other international markets.

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Specializing in the production of high-end modular container houses. At the same time, it can also be customized according to the special requirements of customers.

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