What to Pay Attention to when Container Room is Used As a Store?

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Oct 17,2022

A container room is a box building used for transportation and promotion. Nowadays, many customers like to convert containers into stores so that they can create mobile container stores, and then what issues should be paid attention to when container rooms are used as stores?

What to Pay Attention to when Container Room is Used As a Store?

1. Protection measures.

Container the material is affected by the physical properties of its own metal structure, has a strong thermal conductivity and poor insulation properties, thus making the indoor thermal environment is unstable. It is necessary to install an additional insulation layer to effectively control the indoor thermal environment.

In the southern region, container house frames need to be shaded for insulation, which can save energy costs. In addition, the cabinets are prone to rust, so it is necessary to apply anti-rust paint to the interior and exterior of the container to prevent rusting.

One thing to note is that during international transportation, in order to prevent the spread of diseases and pests, container paints produced in certain countries/regions use chromate, phosphorus or lead paints and therefore are made to store. It is necessary to determine the source of the cabinets and for some cabinets, the residual original paint must be removed before they can be safely used.

2. Standardized unit body.

Container room buildings are characterized by standardization of dimensions. Container room building units are derived from off-the-shelf containers and are limited by the size of existing cabinets. Most container exterior dimensions have uniform dimensional limitations.

The three common sizes have limited available net space. The interior height is low and the horizontal space is narrow and long. With due regard to ergonomics, it greatly affects the customer experience and the quality of the building.

You can stack several container boxes, but you must give due consideration to structure and safety, not to mention the openings in the vertical space, which require a sturdy structure for stability.

3. Service life.

The life span of a container in the transportation industry is usually 10-15 years. Eliminated undamaged container cabinets still have good physical properties and can usually last 15 years. If better maintenance, or the use of other structures, such as concrete, can be more durable!

4. Appearance.

Good principle is not only can be a fine exhibition of the city, but also can let customers see that this building originated from the container, so that can be more reflect the novel and artistic atmosphere.

Appearance treatment usually starts with color and shape. The color and pattern can be adjusted according to different target customer groups.


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