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Single side expandable container house prefabricated removable mobile house container for home

Sliding-out house is independently designed by us and has obtained product patent rights. It is made of prefab light steel as frame and sandwich panel for wall and roof, then facilitated with windows, doors, flooring, ceiling, and other additional accessories.They are fitted with power and lighting and can be accessorized to suit your requirements.

TYGB Brand sliding-out house is very popular among our customers . According to the customer needs to make it to be portable and more beautiful .

It is widely used as the portable lodging house , shop , cafe , office etc


Detail Specification :

Expandable size : 5900*4050*2550 mm

Closed Size : 5900*2260*2550 mm

House layout : 1 Bedroom , with kitchen and 1 bathroom

Steel frame : Welded square tube , 2 times painted

Wall : Sandwich board + fiber glass +square tube frame +cladding board

( custom made color as RAL code )

Roof : Sandwich board + Fiber Glass+ Galvanized steel

Floor : Sanding board + vinyl floor

Window : Double glazed broken bridge aluminum window

Door : Double glazed broken bridge aluminum sliding door

Electrical : Australia Standard , American standard or custom made as your standard .

Pipelines : Ready-assemble

Sanitary : Toilet , Shower room , Washbasin

Kitchen : Standard one with wash basin or Custom made as request .

Optional : Balcony,Cladding board .


Characteristic of normal shipping container houses

* Thermal insulation, wallboard used energy-saving panels, heat preservation and energy saving effect is remarkable.

* Cold bridge effective partition, advanced technology can effectively cut off outdoor to indoor temperature conduction to ensure indoor temperature stability.

* Fire rating for class A, to eliminate fire hazards.

* Relocation is convenient, mobile integrated container house, can be wholly moved by forklift and crane, can be transported by overall, packaging transport and bulk transport such 3 different ways.

* Modular design, integrated production, our complete set of supply improves production cycle and working speed. Excellent seismic performance of wind, low requirements for foundation, can perfect response to various environments.



Mobile cafe or store

Our customers always asked us to design unique coffee shop, cafe bar, shopping store, convenience store for them, it's very attractvie on the street.

For living

As it could be install bathroom, kitchen, solar panel, plumbing and electric system in our factory, so it's very popular for people to live in it. Also you can buy a extra trailer from us, drive your car with the house for a trip anywhere you want to go.

For working

The sliding-out house can combine together as a large workshop or offices.


Why choose our sliding-out house ?

* Based on expandable-house modification, floor & wall & roof can all be modified to get good force resistance,heat insulation, sound insulation, moisture resistance; tidy and clean appearance, and easy maintenance.

* Delivery can be completely built-up, electrical system could be well installed, ready to hook-up local supply system.

* Take you no time to assemble it. Just get it, put it on the flat ground,then use it. (electrical tie-in prepared, which would make it very easy to hook-up local system.)

* The out surface and inner fittings could be dealed with as your own design.

* High-quality pulley track makes sliding out more labor-saving and convenient.

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