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    Portable Toilet

    There are many options for mobile toilets,with one single or double closetool;with bathroom and toilet,also have Portable Toilets for Disabled.All acceptable customization.

    It is suitable for railway stations, docks, tourist attractions, villa areas, new residential areas, large construction sites, squares, densely populated public places and prosperous commercial streets. Portable public toilets have the advantages of being moved, combined and convenient for transportation.

    Advantages of portable toilet

    1.Strong mobility, so as to avoid the waste of resources caused by house demolition.
    2. Various treatment methods can be adopted according to the limitation of the environment.
    3. It covers a small area. Compared with the traditional toilet, the portable toilet greatly saves the land area, which just caters to the current land tension situation.
    4. It is beautiful and generous. On the basis of ensuring practicality, it pays attention to the importance of beauty and becomes a scenic line of tourist attractions and park districts.


    Detail Specification :
    Size :

    Single Portable toilet  1080*1380*2500 mm 

    Portable toilet with shower  2260*1450*2500 mm
    Layout : 1 toilet , 2 toilets, 1 toilet with bathroom

    Steel frame : Welded square tube , 2 times painted
    Wall : Sandwich board  +square tube frame +cladding board
    ( custom made color as RAL code )
    Roof : Sandwich board + Fiber Glass+ Galvanized steel
    Floor : Sanding board + vinyl floor
    Window : Double glazed broken bridge aluminum window
    Door : Double glazed broken bridge aluminum sliding door
    Electrical : Australia Standard , American standard or custom made as your standard .
    Pipelines : Pre-install
    Sanitary : Toilet , Shower room , Washbasin

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