Why Container Construction Is Right for Any Climate

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Oct 17,2022

Simple rectangular containers have changed the way we have been transporting goods since the 1950s. Today, we see these containers everywhere!

Why Container Construction Is Right for Any Climate

Simple rectangular containers have changed the way we have been transporting goods since the 1950s. Today, we see these containers everywhere! Container houses are inexpensive, sturdy, reliable, and can be configured for any purpose. Another reason these large metal Lego blocks are so much fun to put together? Because they are suitable for all climates. 

Hot climates

In the desert, where the sun is hot, buildings need to be protected from overheating. Shipping containers are often made of steel that conducts heat well, but keeping them cool in hot climates is easy with some clever design choices. Choose a larger-than-necessary roof to extend over your home and shield the windows from direct sunlight. Build your home at the right angle to take advantage of natural surroundings like trees or hills, both of which help protect the container from overheating in the sun. Don't forget to invest in a good air conditioning system to exhaust the hot air from the house and spread the cool air around.

Humid climates

Almost every climate on earth experiences rainfall, but we need to do our best to keep it out of our homes. Traditional wood-frame houses are prone to mold and rot from water damage. A shipping container has been designed to withstand these elements. First, the containers must spend some time at sea to handle the salt-laden ocean spray. Then, they need to be transported by rail or truck across the country to withstand whatever weather they encounter. It is well known that containers can survive earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and tsunamis intact. Therefore, a little constant rain in a humid climate is not a problem.

Cold Climates

A thin metal box that can withstand sub-zero temperatures doesn't sound like a great place to live, but once your shipping container is turned into a proper home, it can be as warm as any traditional structure. Making sure the house is adequately insulated is key. Spray foam is the most popular choice, and it adds a waterproof barrier to the container itself. Containers can also be coated with a ceramic sealant to increase the home's ability to insulate.

It's also a good idea to plan for multiple small windows rather than several large ones. Windows (and roofs) are the largest heat exchangers in your home. Once you know the heat won't dissipate, it's time to figure out how to keep it warm inside. A wood-burning furnace, space heater or traditional HVAC system can work depending on the design of the home.

Designing a shipping container home

Once you've determined that a container home is right for you, the next step is to design it. Making sure that the building and zoning codes in your area allow for this style of home is the absolute first thing you should do before you start designing.


Determining the size of your new home is the most logical place to begin any home design, and container homes are no exception. Once again, you should always check with your local building authority to determine if a maximum or minimum square footage is required for a home in your area. Once you know how big your home can be, you can then decide how big your home should be. 


Given the size of your new home, you can decide how many rooms you want and how you want them to be laid out. Do you want an open floor plan, or do you prefer separate rooms? Containers are completely modular and easy to stack, so you can choose to have the desired number of rooms all on one floor, or spread them out over multiple floors.

Consulting us at this stage is crucial, as our engineers are trained to integrate your design plans while ensuring that no technical aspects are overlooked. The new container home of your dreams may arrive sooner than you think. Contact us today to get started.


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