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Why Modular Container Homes Prevail Recently?

Over the past few years, shipping container homes have become increasingly popular, and for good reason: they are strong, durable, inexpensive, environmentally friendly (compared to traditional materials), and can be designed modularly.


Sustainability and Insulation Retrofits for Container Homes

While the use of recycled materials is a fundamental aspect of sustainable construction, there are several aspects related to container homes that need to be revisited. Let's take a look.


Do Container Houses Rust Over Time?

Don't worry about it! What it really means is that they will rust when they come into contact with water and air. This forms a weak carbonic acid that starts to corrode, rust or corrode the metal.


How Containers Can Be Combined into Larger Spaces

Did you know that you can connect expandable containers to create a large and versatile space? Any organization that needs more space than a single container can provide but is still interested in the benefits of durable


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